Dolphins galore as the weather continues to warm up!

The third week of December saw plenty of dolphins active in Mandurah’s waterways.  They are loving this warmer weather that summer has brought us.  They were sighted and joined our boats for a ride on 6 of the 7 days of the week.  In great news, dolphins were also sighted mating!

17th December – The dolphins had a wonderful day fishing, playing and cruising through Mandurah’s waterways.  Many dolphins were seen on all of our cruises.  The most playful pod for the day joined us on our 12 noon cruise near the Mandurah Estuary Bridge.

18th December – A pod of 6 was sighted on numerous occasions this day from the New Mandurah Estuary Bridge to the entrance of the ocean.  They joined us on our cruise for a while, enjoying riding the waves produced by our boats.  In great news, dolphins were also sighted mating which will hopefully result in more additions to Mandurah’s resident dolphin crew.  3 dolphins were also sighted at Stingray Point in Mandjar Bay feeding.

19th December – No sightings

20th December – Many dolphins were sighted all day.  Nicki, giggles and 2 others were swimming in the shallows together and joined us on our 1pm cruise out of Mandjar Bay.  3 dolphins were sighted feeding on our 12 noon cruise at Stingray Point in Mandjar Bay.  Harry Houdini was also sighted on our 11am cruise.

21st December – A pod of 4 females followed us on one of our cruises.

22nd December – A pod of 3 dolphins including a baby (calf) joined us on our 10am cruise to go for a ride on the waves our boats produce.  A pod of 5 were also sighted feeding near the New Mandurah Estuary Bridge on our 12 noon cruise.

23rd December – The dolphins were out and about all day in pods of 4 – 8.  They joined us on all of our cruises, including a mum (cow) teaching her baby (calf) how to ride the waves.

There were many photos and videos taken during this week and we get them up on our website and Facebook page soon.

If you would like to join us on a cruise and see mandurah dolphins just visit the 1hr Dolphin & Canal Cruise page for more info and to book online.

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