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Mandurah Cruises recognises the importance of implementing sustainable measures to minimise environmental impacts. That is how we run our business.

Mandurah Cruises is meeting the challenge to contribute towards an environmentally sustainable tourism industry that will meet expectations for customers, employees and the community. We strive towards reducing energy requirements, water usage and waste. We have a zero hazardous waste policy including only the use of biodegradable products in our marine services as well as no use of chemicals. Mandurah Cruises has adopted an effective environmental policy to minimise the impact on Mandurah’s local marine and coastal ecosystem as it is very unique, diverse and fragile.

Sustainable measures provide the use of current resources to satisfy human needs without damaging the needs or opportunities for future generations. Mandurah Cruises conducts all operational activities in an environmentally friendly and responsible manner. Our aim is to provide ongoing protection of our local environment whilst continuing to promote and enhance Mandurah’s natural beauty. Whilst cruising the waterways we hold the upmost respect for our original land owners, and take pride in sharing the understandings of our local history.

When making business decisions we always take into account the environment and any impacts these decisions may have upon the local community.

Mandurah Cruises Awarded for their Commitment to the Environment and Eco Tourism

Mandurah Cruises was the first business in Australia to obtain the EcoPlus accreditation. This accreditation confirms our focus on the preservation of the environment for future generations and the environmentally sustainable business practices we apply in order to maintain our aim.

Some of our accomplishments include:

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Mandurah Cruises also subscribe to a number of memberships:

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