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Trees Adventure!

Get climbing at the NEW Trees Adventure in Dwellingup. It will have all the family swinging, leaping, climbing and flying through the forest.

Quote ‘Mandurah Cruises’ when booking to receive an extra hour FREE! Only valid for 1:30pm and 2:00pm sessions between 26/09/16 – 16/10/16.” Bookings are essential!

Trees Adventure Lane Poole Park is located less than 45mins from Mandurah, near Dwellingup at Lane Poole Reserve. The township of Nanga was once a thriving timber town established in 1909, but was forced to close during the First World War and then in later years, suffered from bushfire disaster. Today you may still be able to see some of the remnants.

Their treetop courses are built around the beautiful pine and jarrah trees of Nanga Mill Campground, with exhilirating views as you flying fox through the treetops or quickly stop to catch your breath in the middle of one of the suspended bridges!

Their sessions run for 2 hours (includes training).  Early arrival of around 20-30 minutes beforehand is important for gearing up so they can get you started on time. You will then get to choose which of the tree top courses you’d like to experience. During your tree top adventure, the high ropes courses become increasingly difficult as you climb higher into the canopy, which means that you can find the right level to suit you. From 4 years and up, there is different courses for the whole family to enjoy! So your kids will have fun from 2m high in the trees while your teens will be flying up a thrilling 20m!

For more information visit or call their booking office on (08) 9463 4063.

Trees Adventure

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Mandurah’s Dolphins

Mandurah has a healthy population of Bottle Nose Dolphins (tusiops truncatus) that is estimated to number up to 75 individuals, depending on the time of year. The number increases around mating times when males come in and join the pods. The pods of dolphins average around 10-15 and have sometimes been seen to be as large as 25 down to solitary dolphins or smaller family groups of 3-4.

Their average length is about 3 metres, with calves being about 1 metre long at birth. We normally see baby dolphins appear between December and April. Mandurah's wild dolphins are medium grey in colour with light flanks and pale bellies. They can live up to 30 years and can swim in short bursts up to 40km/h and they love to play in our ferries bow waves and wash. As a matter of fact dolphins are the only other mammals apart from humans that continue to play well into their adult life. And Mandurah's wild dolphins are very playful!

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