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NEW Dolphin Island Adventure launches in Mandurah

With its huge estuary and coastal location, Mandurah has an amazing population of about 90 Indo-Pacific bottlenose dolphins that reside in its inland waters, with hundreds more along the coast.

To share these creatures with guests, Mandurah Cruises has launched a tour, the “Dolphin Island Adventure”. Here, for the first time, guests are guaranteed to meet Mandurah’s dolphins and gain fascinating insights into their population from the company’s expert tour guides, while completing an exciting circumnavigation of the Mandurah ‘island’.

The company has purchased a new boat, the 1400 horsepower “Spirit of Adventure” and, when safe and well away from dolphins, the ride reaches thrilling speeds on the ocean waves before coming back to berth in Mandjar Bay.

Managing Director Peter Robinson said “As the owners of Mandurah Cruises, we are passionate about showcasing our world-class dolphins, wildlife, estuary and coast. Accordingly, we have invested in a boat that allows us to do that for the first time, in one short tour. We hope this will contribute to the development of the tourism sector in Mandurah, and improve understanding and appreciation of our amazing natural environment.”

Mandurah Cruises is committed to the sustainability of its environment. It is the Peel Region’s only licensed dolphin watching company and a long-term sponsor of dolphin research at Murdoch University Cetacean Research Unit. It works to incorporate insight from that unit and the Peel-Harvey Catchment Council in its tours, and supports local community groups such as the Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Group with fundraising.

The official launch will be taking place on Sunday 17th September with cruises departing at 11am and 2pm.

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Mandurah’s Dolphins

Mandurah has a healthy population of Bottle Nose Dolphins (tusiops truncatus) that is estimated to number up to 75 individuals, depending on the time of year. The number increases around mating times when males come in and join the pods. The pods of dolphins average around 10-15 and have sometimes been seen to be as large as 25 down to solitary dolphins or smaller family groups of 3-4.

Their average length is about 3 metres, with calves being about 1 metre long at birth. We normally see baby dolphins appear between December and April. Mandurah's wild dolphins are medium grey in colour with light flanks and pale bellies. They can live up to 30 years and can swim in short bursts up to 40km/h and they love to play in our ferries bow waves and wash. As a matter of fact dolphins are the only other mammals apart from humans that continue to play well into their adult life. And Mandurah's wild dolphins are very playful!

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