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Mandurah Dolphin Blog

Read all about Western Australia’s best wild dolphin population on our weekly Mandurah Dolphin Blog. Feel free to comment and ask questions on the stories for our dolphin experts to answer.

Lucky Escape

Our dolphins here in Mandurah have each been named and are identified by their unique dorsal fin characteristics, such as the shape and notches.  There are several ways they can get these notches in their fins – from playing and fighting with each other, fishing line entanglements and from encounters with sharks.

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Mandurah Dolphin Birth Captured on Camera

wild dolphin birth mandurah western australia

On Wednesday 11th April 2018 a wild dolphin birth was observed and captured on camera by Mandurah Cruises & the Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Group. To witness a dolphin giving birth (in the wild) is extremely rare, this being only the second occasion ever documented in the world. The day started out just like any other …

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A Dolphin’s Dinner

mandurah dolphin octopus toss

A dolphin’s diet consists predominantly of fish, caught by chasing them and rounding them up with their group. They are also opportunistic feeders who catch what they can, when they can and so, Mandurah’s dolphins have developed some complex techniques to find and catch food that is unique to their habitat.

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Topnotch is a mum again!

There was much excitement this week when resident dolphin Topnotch turned up with her newborn calf, Carter.  Topnotch is often seen in town and was first sighted with her calf early this week on our Dolphin & Scenic Canal Cruise.

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6 Newborn Dolphins in Mandurah

dolphin calf mandurah

The calving season has well and truly started here in Mandurah with 6 newborn calves sighted over the last two months. The first calf was spotted in early January, the mum being ‘Christmas’ who is often seen in town.

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Meet Mandurah’s 2nd Newborn for 2018

Mandurah Dolphins

Meet our second dolphin for the season – ‘DC’. Mandurah Dolphin Research Project and Mandurah Dolphin Rescue Group announced the name of the youngster. “DC is named after Doug Coughran, a long serving senior wildlife officer (now retired) with the government. Doug has attended, responded to, and advised on Mandurah dolphin strandings and entanglements for decades. …

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New Additions To Mandurah’s Dolphin Population!

The 5th week of January was a beautiful summer’s week with temperatures in the low 30s.  The dolphins were sighted every day along our cruise route and joined us on many occasions for a ride.  A few new additions to Mandurah’s dolphin population were sighted this week!  That’s right, new babies (calves)!  They were sighted …

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Dolphins show off their catch!

The dolphins were out and about every day in the 3rd week of January.  On most occasions they were sighted feeding which is a good sign of how healthy our waterways are; proving them with plenty of fish and other sea food to eat.  On a number of occasions whilst feeding they were sighted throwing …

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